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In the state of Karnataka, India there is a city which is famous for its historical monuments called Bijapur. In the rule of Adil Shahi these historical monuments are built. Bijapur is also known as Vijayapur.  It is also known as City of Victory. Vijayapur is the district headquarter of Bijapur district. The altitude of this place is 479 mt. above the sea level. Kannada and English languages are mostly used in the Bijapur. There are many famous places for visit. By the Kalyani Chalukyas in the centuries of 10th and 11th this city was established. After the Chalukyas this city was passed to Yadavas. Bijapur is the biggest district place of the state. There are different types of festivals are organised in this city. Bijapur Music Festival is the famous festival in this place. In every year this festival is organised by the government of Karnataka. Other festivals like Car Festival, Holi,  Asar Mahal Urs festival and Diwali are organised in this city.


Yusuf Adil Shah was the founder of Bijapur state. From the year 1490 to 1686 Bijapur was ruled by king of Adil Shahi. It was the capital of Adil Shahi. There are mosques, mausoleums, palaces and fortifications in this city. Adil Shahis encouraged building activity to such an extent the Bijapur. In the year of 2014 by the central government this city renamed to Bijaput to Vijayapur.

Places to Visit in Bijapur

  • Gol Gumbaz
  • Ibrahim Rauza Tomb
  • Bijapur Fort
  • Jumma Masjid
  • Malik e Maidan
  • Upli Buruj
  • Gagan Mahal
  • Shivgiri Temple
  • Chand Bawdi
  • Asar Mahal
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Almati Dam
  • Jod Gumbaz
  • Sat Manzil

Places to Visit near Bijapur

  • Pattadakal : The distance of this place is 99 km from Bijapur.
  • Badami : The distance of this place is 101 km from Bijapur.
  • Kolhapur : The distance of this place is 158 km from Bijapur.
  • Panhala : The distance of this place is 169 km from Bijapur.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit in Bijapur is from October to March.


In Summer : The Temperature in the summer is 42 degree Celsius.

In Winter : The Temperature in the winter is 20 degree Celsius  and 30 degree Celsius.

How To Reach

By Air : Bijapur has there own airport. This airport is well connected to other cities.

By Rail : There is also ralihead in the Bijapur. The railway station is well connected to other cities.

By Road : Bijapur is well- connected to all major cities.