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Deekshabhoomi - A sacred monument of Buddhism

Deekshabhoomi is one of the holy places of Buddhists which is located in Nagpur city of the Indian state of Maharashtra. This is the monument that witnessed the conversion of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar to Buddhism. The monument is large,clean and calm. Each and every people who understand Dr. Ambedkar eagerly want to visit this place. It's a Buddhist temple but no one is barred from going inside.. As this is the peaceful and wonderful place in the heart of Nagpur, one can feel the calm and be at peace here. There is no Entry fee for it. Some people don’t consider it as a tourist place because there is no entertainment here. People comes here with the idea to mediate as that is the beauty of the place.


This place has historical and economic importance. This is the place where Dr. Ambedkar, one of the greatest freedom fighters of India's independence struggle and the architect of Indian Constitution, got converted to Buddhism on 14 October 1956. Ambedkar had already declared in 1935 that although he was born as a Hindu he would not die as one, as conversion was the solution to abandon the caste system. He selected Nagpur for his conversion ceremony, as he explained in his speech at that occasion, because Nagpur was the homeland of Nag people who embraced Buddhism. Here, Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar took the Deeksha from their Guru. Deeksha literally means acceptance of religion and hence Deekshabhoomi is regarded as the land where people get converted. Deekshabhoomi is visited by thousands of pilgrims on Ashok Vijaya Dashmi and on 14th October.

Stupa ,Vihar and the Bodhi Tree

Deekshabhoomi houses a large Buddhist Stupa called Dhamma Chakra Stupa which was built by Ambedkar Smarak Samiti as a memorial to Dr. Ambedkar. Designed by famous architect Mr. Sheo Dan Mal, it took almost 23 years to complete this architectural marvel. In front of the stupa, on the right hand side, there is a Buddha Vihara with a bronze image of lord Buddha. Besides the Vihara, there is the Bodhi Tree, which is a sacred fig tree. This Bodhi Tree was planted at Deekshabhoomi from three branches of the Bodhi Tree at Anuradhapuram in Sri Lanka. Bhadant Anand Kausalyayan had brought these branches from Sri Lanka as a memorial of Buddha's enlightenment. There is a statue of Buddha placed in the centre and lot of sitting area for one to sit and pray or mediate.


Deekshabhoomi is open throughout the year to everyone but the best time to visit Deekshabhoomi is between October and November as October is the month when thousand of Buddhist devotees visit this Buddhist Stupa in Nagpur.