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Ellora Caves

It is one of the largest rock cut monastery temple caves in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In Maharashtra there is an Archaeological site known as Ellora caves. The artwork of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism are able to see in the caves from the 600-1000 CE period. The single monolithic rock excavation is featured largest int the world present in the 16th cave of Ellora, he Kailasha Temple, a chariot shaped monument dedicated to lord Shiva. The site features over 100 caves, of which 34 caves are open to public. The 34 caves consist of :

  • 12 Buddhist (caves 1–12) caves
  • 17 Hindu (caves 13–29) caves
  • 5 Jain (caves 30–34) caves

Rashtrakuta Dynasty, is a hindu dynasty who built  some of the Hindu & Buddhist group of caves, and Yadav Dynasty who built some of the Jain group of caves. Ellora was an important historic commercial center of the Deccan region, located on an ancient trade route of South Asia.

The Great Kailasa temple (Cave 16) is attributed to krishna 1 (c. 757-83 A.D.), the successor and uncle of Dantidurga. A copper plate inscription found in Baroda, Gujarat narrates that a great edifice was built on a hill by Krishnaraja at Elapura (Ellora), as follows :

..was caused to be constructed a temple on the hill at Elapura, of wonderful structure, on seeing which the best of immortals who move in celestial cars, struck with astonishment, say "This temple of Shiva is self-existent; in a thing made by art such beauty is not seen. The architect builder of which was himself suddenly struck with astonishment, saying "Oh, how was it that I built it!"


  • Temperature in Summer ranges from 20°C to 40°C.
  • Temperature in Winter ranges from 10°C to 30°C.

Best Time to Visit

  • December-January is the best time to visit the Ellora Caves.

How to Reach

By Air – Chikalthana Airport of Aurangabad is the nearest airport.

By Rail – Jalgaon railway station is the nearest railhead to Ellora Cave.

By Road – Ellora is well connected with other major cities.