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Gurudwara Goindwal Sahib

Gurudwara Goindwal Sahib is very famous Sikh holy place. It is located in Taran Taran district which is in the state of Punjab in India. It is an important center for the sikh religion during the Guruship of the Guru Amar Das Ji, who was the third Sikh guru. This Gurudwara is famous for its 84 steps and then there is a baoli (water body) at the end.
The temple is a beautiful structure and also has quarters for guests to book and stay in. It has very clean facilities and very friendly staff. As I already told you inside the complex there is a well with 84 steps leading to the water. Devotees chant the Japji Sahib at every step and take a dip before moving to the next step because, it is believed that anyone who does Japji Sahab path on every step and then has a bath in the baoli (water body) will attain salvation.


This place has so much Sikh history that it is a must for every Sikh traveller to visit this place ,this is the place where the tradition of community kitchen was started by Guru Amar Dass ji, where every devotee comes and have free meal. Guru Sri Amar Das ji constructed a Baoli or a well with eighty four steps. It is said someone who takes a bath in the well and recites the Japji Sahib, attains Moksh. Means it is firmly believed by Sikhs that if you recite Japji sahib at every step you will be freed from the cycle of birth.

How to Reach

Gurudwara Goindwal Sahib is located in the village of Goindwal, Tarn Taran. It is located about 25 kms from the centre of the town, 24 kms from Tarn Taran Railway Station and 25 kms from Tarn Taran Bus Stand. Travelers can reach this Gurudwara with the help of local transport like buses and auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws available in the city.