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Haveli Restaurant Jalandhar, A place which reflects Punjabi Tradition

Haveli Restaurant Jalandhar, is located on the Jalandhar-Phagwara highway. This restaurant is spread over 23 acres, and resembles like a typical village of Punjab. This resort has the ambience of a lost Punjabi village and the waiters are dressed in tehmat-kurtas and phulkari jackets. Very good location and the building, remembering the old culture of Punjab and very good attraction for all including young ones and adults. In short I can say this is the place which reflects Punjabi tradition.

This new age dhaba with a flavour of old Punjab is a completely vegetarian resort run by the Jains of Jalandhar. Haveli as a place was conceptualised by Mr.Satish Jain. During his childhood he saw the vast and rich culture of Punjab where guests at home were treated as GOD. Creating Haveli is his effort to keep the Punjabi tradition alive. He did a lot of research which has helped him to look into the finer details of everything from exquisite décor to delicious food.

As the name suggests, Haveli offers every guest a grand meal served in a palatial way. It is a vegetarian Dhaba and no liquor is served there so be prepared for it. They serve only vegetarian food, so do not expect to be served Chicken which is very popular among the Punjabi's. The scrumptious Punjabi food and the typical Punjabi environment makes this place a perfect stopover for all the food lovers.

Haveli is not just a restaurant. It is a holistic experience of Punjab which is derived from the various food stalls, cultural stores and the impeccable decor. There is a life-size truck and a dummy well at the restaurant. The decor includes colourful bangles and parandis. There are statues of people dressed in typical Punjabi attires as well as animals like cows and goats. At any time, old Punjabi songs are played in the background. Because of the popularity of this restaurant Mr. Jain has opened another branch at Murthal in Haryana. He started similar Punjab theme based venues at other places namely Rangla Punjabpart of the Haveli restaurant at Jalandhar, The Heritage Empress a banquet hall that can accommodate 400 guests at a single time.
This eatery is thronged by people heading to and from Punjab, especially during winters. Dal tadka, Karahi Paneer and Kheer are its top-selling all-season delicacies. In winters, Sarson da saag and Makki di roti is the most favourite dish. This place is lovely for families, couples and friends etc.
I don't see anybody can beat Haveli in and around that place. This resort always have decent crowd that's quite suitable for a visit with family.