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Kal Bhairav Temple

Kal Bhairav Temple is the hindu temple located on the Shipra river in Ujjain city of Madhya Pradesh state. The temple is dedicated to the guardian deity of the city known as Kal Bhairav. It is one of the most active temples in the city, visited by hundreds of devotees daily.  Liquor is one of the offerings made to the temple deity.


The original temple have been built by an  king named Bhadrasen. It has been mentioned in the  Skanda Purana. The present-day structure of temple shows Maratha influence.According to the local tradition, after the Maratha defeat in the 3 Battle of Panipat, the Maratha general offered his pagri(turban) to the deity, praying for victory in his campaign to restore the Maratha rule in North India. After successfully resurrecting Maratha power, he carried out restoration of the temple.

The Deity

The temple is dedicated to Lord Kal Bhairava. The deity's image is a face in form of a rock layered with Kumkuma and deity's head is adorned with a Maratha-style pagri. The worship of Ashta Bhairava ("eight Bhairavas") is a part of the Saivite tradition, and the Kal Bhairav is considered their chief.

Liquor Offering

The temple deity is offered with the liquor as one of the five tantric ritual offerings known as Panchamakarma which consist of :

  • madya (alcohol),
  • maansa (meat),
  • meena or matsya (fish),
  • mudra (gesture or parched grain)
  • maithuna

Hundreds of people offered the liquor to deity every day. The devotees give the liquor bottle to the priest and he pours the liquor in the saucer and bring it near to the lips of deity, offers a prayers. He tilts the plate a bit, and the liquor starts disappearing. About one-third of the bottle is returned to the devotee as Prasad.


  • Summer temperature ranges from 24°C to 48°C.
  • Winter temperature ranges from 9°C to 36°C.

Temple Timming

  • The temple opens in two shifts. In the morning, from 5 am to 1:30 pm and in the evening, from 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

How to Reach

By Air - Indore Airport is the nearest airport to the reach temple.

By Rail - Ujjain city Railway Station is the nearest railway station.

By Road - Nearest Bus Stops are Dewas Gate and Nanakheda. Devotees can also reach there by using their vehicle.