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Khecheopalri Lake

In the State of Sikkim, India there are many places to visit. Khecheopalri Lake is one of them. This lake is  located near Khecheopalri village which is 147 km from Gangtok and 37 km from Pelling town. There is no entry fees of this lake. The ideal duration of this place is 1-2 hours. There are many attractions near this lake. This place is prefferred by Photo Fanatics, Nature Lovers, Nirvana Seekers, fun Lovers, kids zone. This Lake is is considered as a holy lake by Buddhists as well as Hindus. This Lake is Originally known as Kha-Chot-Palri which means heaven of Padmasambhava. Another name of this lake is Sho Dzo Sho, which means "Oh Lady, Sit Here". Khecheopalri Lake is also known as a "wish fulfilling lake". There are many festivals celebrated in this place. Most famous is Religious Fair  which is celebrated in the month of March/April.  This fair is held here every year for two days in Maghe purne. The type of the lake is Sacred.

Khecheopalri is made up of two words, Kheecheo and palri. 'Khecheo' means "flying Yoginis" or "Taras" and Palri means "palace". 

Places to Visit near Khecheopalri Lake

  • Changey Waterfall
  • Sewaro Rock Garden
  • Pemayangtse Monastery
  • Sangachoeling Monastery
  • Khangchendzonga National Park
  • Rabdanse Ruins
  • Singshore Bridge

Flora and Fauna

Flora The lake is surrounded by a broad-leaved mixed temperate forest. However, the vegetation in the lake comprises :

  • Macrophytes :  Aponogeton monostachyon, Ceratophyllum sp., Monocharia vaginalis.
  • Phytoplankton : Chlorophyceae.
  • Zooplankton : Rotifers, Protozoans,Copepods and Cladocerans.

Fauna : The fish species recorded in the lake are: Cyprinus carpio, Danio aequipinnatus, Garra, Schistura. The avifauna recorded in the lake, particularly in the festive season when they gather in the early hours of the morning at the middle of the lake are: grebe, common merganser– Mergus merganser, large cormorant, little cormorant, common teal , tufted duck, White-breasted waterhen, moorhen and crane brown Amaurornisbi colour. The lake is also a resting-place for Trans-Himalayan migratory birds and supports commercial and recreational tourism. Trans Himalayan migratory birds visit the lake.


The timing of the Khecheopalri Lake is from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM in all days of week.

Best Time to Reach

The best time to reach in Khecheopalri Lake is from September to May.


In Summer : The temperature in summer is 7 degree Celsius to 28 degree Celsius.

In Winter : The temperature in the winter is -5 degree Celsius to 14 degree Celsius.

How to Reach

By Air : Bagdogra Airport is the nearest airport. This airport is located in Siliguri.

By Rail : Jalpaiguri Railway Station is the nearest railway station.

By Road : Khecheopalri Lake is well-connected to all major cities.