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Mudumalai National Park

Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary is one of the famous National Park situated between the tri-junction of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka at elevation of 1000 meters and lies on the Northwestern-Northeastern slopes of Nilgiri Hills, in Nilgiri district about 150 km in north-west of Coimbatore city, in Kongu Nadu region of Tamil Nadu. Mudumalai National Park covers the area of about 321 sq. mts.. It is consider as the one of the best Wildlife Sanctuaries of India. This Sanctuary is provided with Deep Valleys, Waterfalls, Rivers, Wooded Hills, Marshes, Plateau by the Nature. The Mudumalai National Park forms the single region with the Badipur  Tiger Reserve in the North and Wynad Wildlife Sanctuary in the west. The area of Mudumalai National Park ranges similar to the Badiput Tiger Reserve but the Mudumalai National Park has Moya River in it which adds beauty to the National Park. This National Park is home to several Endangered and Vulnerable species including Gaur, Bengal Tiger, Indian Elephant and Indian Leopard. About 266 species of Birds including Long - Billed Vulture and critical endangered Indian white rumped Vulture are in the Sanctuary. The climate is very warm as it is surrounded by thick forest and streams. This National Park is under consideration by the UNESCO World Heritage Committe.  The Sanctuary is divided into Five Ranges :

Mudumalai Tiger Reserve

  • Masinagudi
  • Thepakadu
  • Mudumalai
  • Kargudi
  • Nellakota

In April 2007, the state government of Tamil Nadu declare the Mudumalai National Park to be tiger reserved, under the section 38V of Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. Cost of Rs 4 crores was approved by the National Tiger Conservation Authority on Sep 16,2010 for continuance of project tiger for FY2010/11.

Flora and Fauna

Flora Three types of forest are in the Sanctuary in the western Tropical Moist Deciduous Forest, in the middle Tropical Dry Deciduous Forest, in the east Southern Tropical Dry Thorn. Tropical Moist Deciduous Forest get the higher rainfall than the other forest. Two species of Bamboos are found in Mudumalai National Park, the giant clumping bamboos : Bambusa and Dendrocalamus Strictus.

Fauna - About 50 species of Fishes21 species of Amphibians34 species of Reptiles227 species of Birds and 55 species of Mammals are the high diversity of animals present in the Mudumalai National ParkThirteen percent of all mammal species in India are present in Mudumalai National Park.

How To Reach

By Air - Nearest airport is the Coimbatore International Airport.

By Rail - Nearest railway station is Udhagamandalam Railway Station.

By Road - Mysore - Ooty highway is the nearest highway to the park and Gudalur is the nearest town situated along the highway.