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Rock Garden, Chandigarh

The Rock Garden of Chandigarh is an amazing place with beautiful sculptures and amazing creativity which converts something considered as waste into works of art. The Rock Garden in Chandigarh, India, also known as Nek Chand's Rock Garden. Nek Chand, a humble transport official in the north Indian city of Chandigarh, began to clear a little patch of jungle to make himself a small garden area.
It is located in Sector 1 between the Capitol Complex and Sukhna Lake. Among the popular tourist attractions of Chandigarh, the Rock Garden is visited by an average of five thousand people daily. The local visiting hours of the Rock Garden are from 9:00 am-6:00 pm with extended hours during the summer.  It is without doubt, a tourist spot that is a must on the itinerary of visitor to Chandigarh

An unpretentious entrance leads to a magnificent, almost, surrealist arrangement of rocks, boulders, broken chinaware, discarded fluorescent tubes, broken and cast away glass bangles, building waste, coal and clay-all juxtaposed to create a dream folk world of palaces, soldiers, monkeys, village life, women and temples. The open air sculptures and concealed gateways separating them are at places enhanced by a waterfall, pools and an open air theatre with proper stage setting. Several prestigious performances have been staged in this small but very artistic and naturalistic open air theatre.

About Founder

Nek Chand Saini, born in 1924 in a family of Landlords in Berian-Kalan,(now in Pakistan) located ninety km to north of Lahore. Nek Chand Saini was an Indian self-taught artist, famous for building the Rock Garden of Chandigarh, a forty-acre sculpture garden in the city of Chandigarh, India. His family moved to Chandigarh in 1947 during the Partition of India. It was to be the first planned city in India, and Nek Chand found work there as a roads inspector for the Public Works Department in 1951.
In his spare time, Nek Chand started collecting materials from demolition sites around the city. Materials used in the construction of the garden range from concrete and steel drums to light switches, broken bathroom sinks and bicycle frames. Highlights include a legion of dancing girls made from broken glass bangles and a graceful arcade of towering arches with dangling rope swings. He set stones around the little clearing and then sculpted a few figures from discarded and recyclable materials he found at hand. His creation grew covering several acres and comprising hundreds of sculptures.

How to Reach

Rock garden in Chandigarh, India is a unique creation and connoisseurs come from different parts of the world to see this amazing garden. If you want to come by Train then Chandigarh is an important railway station and is well connected to major cities in India through daily trains. Train from New Delhi to Chandigarh The Shatabdi Express runs two or three times daily from New Delhi to Chandigarh. The journey lasts approximately three hours.

The Rock Garden is situated in a place which is convenient to reach and it also has many surrounding local attractions like the Sukhna Lake, Botanical Gardens and others. There are also nearby places to shop and eat.