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Takht Sri Patna Sahib

The birth place of the tenth Guru Sri Guru Gobind Singh, Takht Patna Sahib Gurudwara, also known as Takht Sri Harmandir Ji, is one of the most important Sikh shrines in the world.

It was built in remembrance of the birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs on 22 December 1666. It was built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh(1780-1839), the first Maharaja of the Sikh Empire, who also built many other Gurdwara's in the Indian subcontinent. The current shrine of Patna Sahib or Takht Sri Harmandirji Saheb was built in the 1950s.


A very ancient, eventful historic town of India is known as Patna Sahib. Now the capital of Bihar, it can rightly be proud of its glorious past. It is the birthplace of Sri Guru Gobind Singh, the Tenth Guru of Sikh religion. After Lord Buddha, in the beginning of Sixteenth century Guru Nanak ji visited Patliputra, during his first journey to the East. There were 64 gates and 670 towers protected by moat and wooden walls. Guru Nanak entered Patna through the western gate and stayed at Bhagat Jaitamal's House now Gurudwara Gai Ghat. Salis Rai Johri a middle aged Jeweler of Patna City was influenced by the divine personality of Guru Nanak, through his follower Mardana, requested Guruji to sanctify his home. Salis Rai Johri was also a man of religious and poetical bent of mind.

The ninth guru of Sikh religion Guru Tegh Bahadur, along with his family members started a preaching tour to the East. In the beginning of 1666 A.D. he reached Patna and stayed at Jaitamal's house where Guru Nanak had made a center. The fourth successor of Salis Rai Johri's Sangat namely Ghanshyam the great grandson of Adhraka was also ambitious to get blessing from the ninth successor of Guru Nanak. When he heard of Guru Tegh Bahadur's visit to Patna, he brought Guru's family in a procession from Jaitamal's House to Salis Rai Johri's sangat. When Guru Tegh Bahadur arrived at Allahabad, with the will of God, the spirit and light of Guru Gobind Singh had descended and manifested itself in mother's womb. Mata Gujri had conceived this great son of God namely (Guru) Gobind Singh. Guru Tegh Bahadur while leaving his family at Patna proceeded on tour to Assam and Bengal. All types of facilities were provided to Guru's family by the local devotees of Patna.Guru Gobind Singh was born in Patna Paus Sudi 7, Sambat 1723 corresponding to 23rd December 1666 A.D. (Guru) Gobind Singh also mentioned the name of Patna in his autobiography (Bachitra Natak).It was there that my light had appeared I was born at Patna city. The following worth seeing historical relics/articles are preserved at Takhat Patna Sahib.

  •  "Sri Guru Granth Sahib" called Bare Sahib containing signature of Sri Guru Gobind Singhji Maharaj.
  • "Chhabi Sahib" oil painted very big picture of Sri Guru Gobind Singhji Maharaj of his young age.
  • A small "Saif" (Sword) of Sri Guru Gobind Singhji Maharaj.
  • Four iron "Arrows" of Sri Guru Gobind Singhji Maharaj.
  • One earthen round "Goli" of Sri Guru Gobind Singhji Maharaj.
  • One small iron "Chakri" of Sri Guru Gobind Singhji Maharaj.
  • One small iron "Khanda" of Sri Guru Gobind Singhji Maharaj.
  • One small iron "Baghnakh-khanjer" of Sri Guru Gobind Singhji Maharaj.
  • One wooden "Comb" of Sri Guru Gobind Singhji Maharaj.
  • Two iron "Chaker" of Sri Guru Gobind Singhji Maharaj.
  • One pair "Sandal" made of elephant teeth of Sri Guru Gobind Singhji Maharaj of his boyhood.
  • One pair "Sandal" made of sandalwood of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadurji Maharaj.14.Three wooden spinning instruments of Sri Kabir Sahib.
  • Three wooden spinning instruments of Sri Kabir Sahib.
  • One book containing "Hukumnamas" of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadurji Maharaj and Sri Guru Gobind Singhji Maharaj and their pictures, writings etc.
  • "Panghura Sahib" a small cradle with four stands covered with gold plates on which Sri Guru Gobind Singhji Maharaj used to sit or sleep, when he was a boy.

Other Attractions

Pilgrimage sites in Patna is spread over various religions like Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Christian, Sikh and Islam. Some eminent pilgrim spots that are indeed the best tourist places to visit in Patna are:Other AttractionsOther Attractions

  • Mahavir Mandir
  • Patan Devi
  • Takht Shri Harmandir Saheb
  • Sher Shah Suri Masjid and
  • Kamaldah Jain Temple
  • ISKCON Temple Patna

Best season to Visit

  • October to March is the best time to visit.


  • Temperature ranges between 28°C to 41°C during summer.
  • Temperature ranges between 12°C to 32°C during winter.

How to Reach

By Air - The nearest airport is Jaiprakash Narayan International Airport, Patna.

By rail - The shrine has a railway station named Patna Sahib railway station, located near to the place.

By Road - NH-31 connects Patna with the rest of the country. One can reach the shrine by bus, taxi or by private vehicles.