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Wular Lake


Kashmir approximate known as the Paradise on Earth is rich in lakes, mountain tarns and swampy lagoons that attract tourists from far and near. One of the largest Fresh water Lake of Asia is Wular lake ( Also pronounced as wullar lake) located in Bandipur District in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The lake is fed by Jhelum River and lake basin was formed as a result of tectonic activity. The lake size varies from 30 to 260 square kilometers, as per changing seasons. Boating, water sports and water ski have recently been launched by the Government of India Tourism in collaboration with Kerala Tourism and J&K Tourism. The contract for the operation of the site was awarded in September 2011.


Wular Lake was formed in the region occupied by a notorious city. A powerful earthquake destroy the city and left behind the a deep structure which was filled in by rainwater and River JhelumZain-ul-Abidin, a Kashmiri sultan has ordered the foundation of the artificial island named Zaina Lale which is in the middle of the Wular Lake. The construction of the lake was initiated in 1444 AD. In the ancient times the lake was also known as the Mahapadamsar. Nilamata Purana also mentions it as 'Mahapadmasaras' and it is reffered to as Bolor by Al-Biruni {960-1031 AD}. In the afternoon the lake give rise to the high leaping waves, called Ullola in Sanskrit. The lake was being called by the name Ullola and was corrupted its transition as ‘Bolor’ by Al-Biruni and over the centuries corrupted further to ‘Wulor’ or ‘Wular'. The word Wul, is also indicator of its origin to a gap created.

Other Attraction near the Lake

Houseboats, Doongas and sailing boats can be hired on the lake. On the south east side there are three main mooring places at Ningal Nullah, Kiuhnus Bay and at Ajus Spur. Around the lake there are various canals, which lead through the silt at the river mouths up into the rivers themselves.

Best Time to Visit

Tourist can visit lake between the months of June-August. These months provide lots of opportunities for boating, photography, fishing and long treks along the shores of the lake.

 How to Reach

By Air - Srinagar Airport is the nearest airport.

By Rail - Jammu Tswi is the closest railhead.

By Road - National Highway 1A is connected to srinagar and from srinagar tourist have to travel to Bandipur which is 40 km away.