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Char minar is the most famous Historical place of Hyderabad, a magnificent and striking historical monument with four graceful minarets. It is the most recognisable symbol of the city of Hyderabad. No visit to Hyderabad should be undertaken without visiting the grand and majestic centerpiece of the city that is Charminar. The Charminar gets its name from the four minarets (towers) standing in the four corners of the structure. It is a must visit for people who like the heritage structures and culture. Walking on the streets near Charminar is a different experience. There are a number of shops around this area. The Charminar is as much the signature of Hyderabad as the Taj Mahal is of Agra or the Eiffel Tower is of Paris. Charminar is constructed in Islamic architecture. It is in a square shape, with the four minarets in each of the corners. It has four imposing arches, which face the four main directions. The sides measure 20 meters each, and the minarets stand at a height of 48.7 meters from the ground. A row of small vaulted niches ornament each of the four arches. The Char Minar is a two-storied building with the first floor being covered. There are 149 winding steps inside each, which the visitor can use to climb up in order to glimpse a breathtaking view of the city. The balconies on this floor provide a great view of the surrounding areas. A small mosque adorns the top floor of the Charminar. This mosque is situated on the western side of the Charminar facing Mecca, the holy city of the Muslims. Charminar, the hub of Hyderabad city, has four wide roads going in each direction. The Charminar is square in shape, each side measuring 100 feet, with a central pointed high arch at the center.


The Charminar in Hyderabad was constructed in 1591 by Mohammed Quli Qutab Shah, the fifth sultan of the Qutub Shahi dynasty of India. He built the Charminar to mark the end of plague in the Hyderabad city. The Charminar is a massive and impressive structure with four minarets. There are varying legends as to why he built the magnificent structure. One account says that the sultan built it in honor of his wife, Bhagyamathi (or Bhagmathi), together with the construction of Hyderabad itself. Another, more popular, legend is that the sultan built it to honor a promise to Allah when he prayed for an end to a plague that ravaged the new city. The building got its name from its four minarets, which were possibly meant to honor the first four caliphs of Islam. Another legend also holds that a secret tunnel runs underneath the monument that connects the palace at Golconda to it should the royal family need to escape but so far, no such tunnels have been found.

Places to visit near Charminar

  • Golkonda Fort
  • Falaknuma Palace
  • Nehru Zoological Park
  • Hussain Sagar Lake
  • Shamirpet
  • Birla Mandir
  • Salarjung Museum

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit in this place is October to March. 

Entry Fees

  • For Indians 5 INR.
  • For Foreign Tourists 100 INR


Visitors  can visit Charminar all days of the week. The timings of Makkah Masjid is 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM.


In Summer : The temperature in the summer is 20 degree Celsius to 45 degree Celsius.

In Winter : The temperature in the winter is 14 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius.

How To Reach

By Air : Rajiv Gandhi International airport is the nearest airport. This airport is located in the Hyderabad.

By Rail : Hyderabad Railway Juction is the nearest railway station.

By Road : Hussain Sagar is well connected to all major cities.