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Jayanti Devi Temple


From the word Jayanti the jind town derives and is dedicated to the goddess known for the victory.  The temple was build by Pandvas to goddess Jayanti Devi and later on developed to town Jaintpuri town. After some time the town name was modified to Jind. Goddess Jayanti Devi is also known to be Knowing and Kindhearted who listens to the prayers of her devotees. Jayanti Devi is one among the eight sister's, the goddess of Knagra, Jwalaji, Chintpurni, Naina Devi, Brajeshwari, Jayanti Devi, Mansa Devi, Chamunda Devi. A old well is situated in the temple which provide the  sweet water round the year.



The story of the temple is a story of precious gift. It rolls back around approx. 500 years, when mughal were rulling the country. During the mughal period , a small estate names Hathnaur was situated in the north directon of the chandigarh. The king of the estate was having 22 siblings and one of their brother got married with daughter of the king of Kangra in Himachal Pradesh and the daughter of king was big devotee of Mata Jyanati Devi, mother goddess from her childhood. She first do worship of goddess and after that does all other activities.

When her marriage was fixed she was very nervous in moving far from the goddess as she will not be able to get opportunity to have darshan of goddess every morning. she prayed alot and felt grief from heat to her goddess. The goddess appeared in the dream of girl and said the she will accompany all places where the girl will go.

After marriage when the groom started moving to Hathnaur with bride's doli a miracle happened. The doli turned out to be heavy and no one was able to move the doli. Then the girl tell her father about her dream and her father respected the divines will and ordered an alternate doli and Placed the idol on it. The holy goddess was sent along with his daughter and a pujari also moved with them.

Later shrines for the goddess on the hillock, situated in the estate, was built by the king of Hathnaur. For more than 200 years the worshiped was follow by her and by her generation. During this period, a robber named garibu or garibdas established his rule over Hathnaur and was big devotee of mata jayanti devi. Later he renovated and extended the temple which currently exist.

Best Time to Visit

Devotee can visit the temple in the months of Feburary - August.

How to reach

Devotees can reach the temple via Chandigarh as it the closest way to reach the temple. From Chandigarh the temple is 11 kms away.