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Kanger Valley National Park

Among the various protected area of the Country, the Kanger Valley National Park is one of them which is located in Jagdalpur in the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh state. The Park one of the most beautiful and densest national parks, well known for its biodiversity with picturesque landscape, magnificent waterfalls, very famous subterranean geomorphologic limestone caves.

The Kanger Valley National Park is noted for its highly heterogeneous land formations ranging from low flat and gentle areas to steep slopes, plateaus, valleys and stream courses. The vast undulating terrain of the Kanger Valley National Park harbours diverse habitats which offer an ideal site for diverse kinds of flora and fauna, thus making it a hotspot of biodiversity in central India.


Mixed moist deciduous type of forests is found in the park with sal, teak and bamboo trees. In Indian Peninsular, Kanger Valley National Park is the onlyb region where one of the last pockets of virgin and untouched forests are still left. The Park consist of 553 floral species out of which 12 species are new to Chhattisgarh; 43 species are reported rare. These statatics are taken in the survey by Botanical Survey of India and other research organisation.


The fauna that have been recorded in the national park include:

  • 49 species of mammals
  • 144 species of birds
  • 16 species of amphibians
  • 37 species of reptiles
  • 56 species of fish
  • 91 species of butterflies
  • 26 species of moths
  • 113 species of spiders

Places to visit near Temple

  • Tirathgarh Waterfalls
  • Kotumsar Cve
  • Dandak Cave
  • Kailash Cave
  • Kanger Dhara
  • Bhainsa Darha


  • Summer temperature ranges from 23°C  to 40°C
  • Winter temperature ranges from 10°C  to 25°C

Best season to visit

  • The best season to visit the Kanger Valley is November–June.

How to Reach

By Air – Swami Vivekanand Airport in Raipur, is the nearest airport.

By Rail – Jagdalpur Railway Station is the nearest railway station which is connected to all major cities.

By Road – Private and state buses run which connect chattisgarh to all other major cities.