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Mata Mansa Devi Temple at Panchkula

Mansa Devi temple is a very famous shrine located at Panchkula, which is about 8 kms away from the city near to IT Park and Manimajra. Symbol of Himalayan culture and faith, the temple is dedicated to goddess Mansa Devi, a form of Shakti. Each and every person who visits Panchkula firstly comes here to take the blessings of Goddess. There are other temples in the complex like Shiv Temple and Hanuman Temple. Also you can see small temples of Naina Devi, Vaishno Devi and Kali Devi. This is a religious place, not a tourist spot. But you can visit this temple if you love to visit temples and religious places. Lush green carpet and dark green trees with fresh aroma of divine air add to this magnetic place of the Almighty.

There is a whole market at the foot of the hill where you can find several shops. Here you can purchase the prasad & offering etc. You can also purchare pictures, books and other religious materials here. In the temple, Navratri festival is celebrated for all the nine days. During Chaitra and Ashvin months, Shardiya Navratra Mela is organised at the shrine complex.



According to the Hindu mythology, the head of Devi Sati had fallen over here. It is also considered as one of the shakti peeths. About 200 years old, the temple complex contains two temples. Out of the two temples, main temple is dedicated to Mansa. The temple that is located near the parking lot is said to be the main temple. Maharaja Gopal Singh of Manimajra constructed the present main temple of Goddess Mansa Devi during the period 1811-1815. During Navratras, fairs take place in the surrounding areas of Mansa Devi temple.
At a distance of 200 meters from the main temple is the Patiala temple which was got constructed by Sh. Karam Singh, the then Maharaja Patiala in the year 1840.


The temple complex has three gates for the entrance. Adjoining to the  Mansa Devi mandir, there is a beautiful garden consisting of sacred plants. People come from all over the world to pay homage to the goddess. Main temple manifests a typical Mughal architecture, which is represented by domes and minarets. Panchayatana pattern represents the architecture of the temple. Architecturally, the main shrine that is located in the center is surrounded at the four cardinal corners by four shrines. Every shrine depicts four minarets at four corners with a cupola on its top. Onion shaped, the domes stand on an elongated circulator drum. The main temple has an adjoining temple called 'Patiala Temple' which is at the distance of just two minutes walk.

How to reach

Panchkula is well connected to major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Chandigarh. Its easily approachable via public and private transport. Road is considered as best option to reach the town of Panchkula. One can book a cab or take an auto from Chandigarh bus stand to Panchkula, which is the nearest bus stand.

People have very strong religious sentiments associated with this place. This is a must visit place in Panchkula, even if you are not religious do visit this place just to see the faith of the people.