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Sri Venkateswara National Park


Sri Venkateswara National Park is the one of the National Park and a Biosphere Reserve is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, covering an area of  353 sq.km and at an elevation of 3707 feet. The park extends over the two district of Andhra Pradesh named Chittor and Cuddapah. The establishement of park is done in the year 1989 by the government of Andhra Pradesh. The park is named after Lord Venkateswara of Tirupati. Later the government of India declared the park one of the biosphere reserve of India in the year 2010. The park is also beautiful for  its waterfalls like Talakona, Gundalakona and Gunjana.

Flora & Fauna

  • National Park consist mixed vegetation of Dry decidious forest with patches of moist decidious forest in valley. Approx. 1500 plant species belonging to 174 families of which some of them are endemic are present in the park. Some of them are : Shorea, Sandalwood, Red Sandal, Terminalia Pallida etc.
  • From the park about 178 species of birds are identified Orientle White-Backed Vulture , an endangered species is found in the park. Some other birds that are found in the park are : Blue face Malkoha, Yellow browed bulbul, Large hawk-cuckoo etc.
  • Leopard along with the wild dog are the common among the predators seen in the park. Some others predators are : Indian Fox, Jungle cat, Golden Jackal, hyena etc.

Best Time To Visit

As the park is open throughout the year, but the best time is during the November to January months.


Average temperature varies from 11 °C to 45 °C.

How to Reach

By Air - Nearest airport is the Tirupati Airport.

By Rail - Tirupati Railway Station is the closest railway station.

By Road - Nearest bus stand is the Tirupati Bus Stand, Andhrs Pradesh.